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Wedding car hire needs to know before signing

First, understand the car's limited mileage and beyond the limited number of accounting standards. Mid-range sedan should be within 100 km of mileage, but there are many car rental companies is not limited to mileage, according to your situation (car, rent, services, etc) weighed the respective general conditions.
Second, learn about wedding car hire company commitment to fully enjoy their entitled rights. Car to prevent something timely, should also seriously about renewal requirements and the accounting provisions of the lease timeout to avoid dissent with car rental companies.
Third, check condition. First visually inspect the vehicle, such as a body has no scratches, headlights are complete, locks are normal. Then open the hood, check coolant, oil, battery status, after there were no exception, you can enter the cab, check the health of your gas gauge, brakes, air conditioning, and test drives, judging the basic condition of the vehicle. Special features for some models and their use should be clearly to the car rental company, in order to facilitate more convenient use.
Four, the lease contract should make clear the following: schedule (fixed range), method of payment (invoice and delivery), breach of duty (especially vehicles cannot be used in case of to how to solve). Last element of the contract is to fill the vehicle, this is a process of mutual finds the condition. This procedure when it comes to cars then, so be sure to take seriously.
After signing the lease contract, be sure to save the rental contract and receipts, in case during the wedding, wedding cars there have been bad faith, accidents and other problems, the couple should be taken with a camera will spot down, to preserve evidence, to claim in the future.

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