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Rental cars new car "without guarantee and deposit"

From now on, car rental time without you all again in local guarantor, also does not require you to put aside a huge sum of deposits, you only need to provide your ID card, driver's license and credit card, you can relax to rent the car, this convenient comfortable car rental model, previously only seen in foreign countries, and appeared for the first time in China.
Extreme car rental is a company based in China's chain of car rental companies, now in Shenzhen, Haikou, Sanya, Xiamen, Changsha and Shenzhen business center with rental car outlets, it's going to continue to Guangzhou, Chengdu, Shanghai, Beijing nearly 40 large and medium cities in China, such as airports and business travel centre business, forming the nation's largest chain of car rental companies.
Company main for offsite travel and the tourism of business leisure people provides quality of since driving car rental service, in has opened dot of airport, out of arrived Office, passenger according to marked brand is easy found "extreme car rental" of rental stores, currently "extreme car rental" of models main has: Buick GL8, and Buick Regal, and excelle, and Ling handsome, and new game Europe, and Aveo, high mid-range car, average price in 300 yuan-600 Yuan Zhijian, exclusively of new vehicles, simple shortcut of procedures handle, and thoughtful perfect of full insurance, Car rental service is the preferred brand.
About a few good friends who put on the beautiful mood, driving ride, enjoy watching the light painting video, enjoy full relaxing self drive tours. Visiting friends and relatives, travel tourism, have their own cars have a face, no longer spoke out to stop a taxi, good mood, efficiency is high, two days one day finish will save a night's hotel accommodation costs!

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