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Auto finance companies currently has three main business

Auto finance companies currently has three main business: wholesale and retail car loans, loans and in January this year increased's leasing business. Finance leasing business, refers to financial firms and social car rental companies, consumers can rent in 4S shop new cars, and vehicle ownership by the car rental company and is convenient to Hefei, car rental lead new fashion, when every month to pay the rent when the value of totaled vehicles, car ownership will transfer to the consumer.
It is understood that the car to find out "cheap", and if there's tricks, leasing services has been launched one after another in a ECB brand dealership, leasing business is mainly aimed at corporate customers, and since its opening, a relatively robust volume of business. Operating lease business opening, so that consumers in the 4S shop car rental possible, it is undoubtedly good for auto finance companies to increase profitability.
As the business has been one of the first details are uncertain, a large area of implementation will also take some time to prepare. Industry insiders said, but will certainly follow other financial companies will be approved. But industry analysts believe that, operating leasing business promotion to the market has little effect.
First of all, Hefei, car rental home certainly has many advantages, but should also see the rental contract and understand the "hidden fees, limited by domestic consumption habits, auto consumption differs from real estate, cars are not necessities, due to funding pressures people to rent, but few are willing to take money to rental cars (except for short commutes);
Secondly, from the long-term point of view, after the financial company cars cost money, market demand is needed to turn a profit, but many consumers are paying for this? Therefore, this business whether breakthrough can be hard to tell how great is the role of automobile market is currently unknown.
At present, the bank sector but fears of credit-policy to stimulate automobile consumption, as mounting mortgage "rescue" policy may boost buyer expectations of more preferential policies, thereby increasing the wait-and-see mood. Hefei, car rentals in the industry said, now auto credit is gradually warmed up, the regulator opening is a sign of the financial company, with the internationalization of the domestic consumption, bank credit may also be in line with international standards, will grant operating lease in the automobile business.

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