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With car rental services fees

With car rental services:
First, the price (total cost):
1, the basic price includes: vehicle rental + driver + petrol + basic premium
2, cost overruns: extra and extra hours cost into the overall costs;
3, basic price does not include: crossing, bridge fee, parking fees and other consumer;
Second, excess cost details:
Car rental return time use for more than 4 hours, 1 day (24 hour) calculate overtime costs; time out time of 4 hours, with "hours" as the unit charging overtime fees; timeout less than 1 hour per 1 hour charge. Delay also detailed reasons for longer than 4 hours or more and the future, Ying sea car rental has the right to repossess the vehicle immediately, and charged in the extended part of the rent of 200% penalty; in the rental car area other than a city to recover vehicles, customers need to pay additional long-distance fares. In this case, customers need to pay for Ying Hai rental fees paid by others. In addition, national holidays and other special times, Ying sea car rental has the right to adjust the other provisions relating to renewal.
Third, the cost of clearing:
1, the basic hire charge: according to customer choice driving business services exposed by the online price (promotional price) the charge will be calculated.
2, overtime and extra costs of Ying Hai rental contract or Ying sea car rental online order shall prevail, and depending on the type of business, over time and in different models today extra price premium.

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