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Teach you six tips to cope with high oil prices

"You have a good plan, I had a wall ladder", which is the common wish of all owners in the face of high oil prices, don't expect "100 Yuan, and the tank" good light, starting today, in addition to fuel, still had fuel. So, weight loss, buy energy-saving cars, to develop good driving habits may make, are there any other "trick"? Journalists are not, but brother. Gothic but with "high oil price" wrestling pioneer, for them, fuel is to make money. Sums of the following invocation of six "gamesmanship", but remember, not everything for you, you must try on the premise of safety, don't waste fuel in case of traffic accidents.
Trick: a feasibility brakes: 35%
Invocation for a foot on the accelerator down how much it cost, and a foot brake down how much it cost, can be used to "hair." In accordance with their experience, foot throttle, it took four cents; a foot brake down, five cents is gone. Cabbies are recommended, first soft start and acceleration--it's not difficult, a lot of people can do it. Secondly, Qiao on the brakes. Smart brakes? You did read that right, is less on the brakes.
How to do this? Ordinary drivers can only be seen in front of a car, that is often said that the car, front brake, you follow the brake. Experienced cabbies are not, they can see three or four cars, all saw a brake on the front, it deliberately to reduce the speed, let the car slows down naturally, rather than brakes. Need to emphasize that this requires training, learn to see farther, then control the brakes on the subconscious. If you're a novice, or is hemmed with car, brake when the brake, safety first.
Trick two: feasibility of light the flame for a long time: 100%
Traffic lights do not need to turn off for a short time, but lamps can be stalled for a long time. Data showed, wait 5 seconds, fuel consumption is 1.1 ml, stall to restart the consumption is 1 ml, that is stalled while waiting for more than 5 seconds or more is in the fuel. At present, the city lights for more than 30 seconds everywhere, stalled at a time can save the 5~10 ml of oil, add up, but also to reduce exhaust emissions. Implementation of this method is the best occasion in those few seconds display lights. If more than 20 seconds, may be the first time the flame; if it is below 20 seconds, look at the situation, if you have to go on the front, then don't turn off, ready to go back, or stall.
Trick three: speed Windows availability: 100%
Window cooling is there are tricks, less than 70 yards, open the window without air conditioning, you can save fuel, but more than 70 yards, in particular when cruising at high speed, open the window will increase the drag coefficient and increases fuel consumption and gas than air conditioning. In addition, one brother said, only one person inside the car, he never open air, there are two reasons, first, he was resistant to heat, within a second, he thought the air conditioning than outside the car is even worse. This makes some sense, especially with new car enclosed open air conditioning, the air quality was not better than open the window.
Trick four: choose a good downhill course on feasibility: 60%
This feeling, not scoring, the world twice in a row to participate in Honda energy saving contest had a similar experience. Before the uphill acceleration, inertia uphill, downhill to a half cheer again--it's better than the uphill, downhill tap the brakes much more fuel-efficient. Cosmo says: cities are generally not very steep slope, just select the appropriate lines, generally swept up by inertia, such as downhill and then slowly accelerate, too.
Trump-card five: don't jump the queue availability: 100%
Encountered a traffic jam ahead, ordinary people are subconsciously choose whether to turn the steering wheel and see where there is room, where to drill, and line repeatedly. Invocation of the experience is that control the car, do not easily change lines, traffic congestion in the same line, and lines, is going out to go. Large steering, not only gas, but will also cause rapid wear of the steering system.
Brother recommends that everyone knew before the line, before starting to listen to more radio, prior knowledge of the road ahead, preferring to spend Highway detours or blocked on the road. Traffic jamming with different, not stalling, stall, may be after the whistle, side car to jump the queue.
Trick six: keep a good attitude feasibility: 100%
Drive and mentality, and light and heavy compared with the turn of the throttle, step on the clutch, steering wheel operation when in due course of the action and moderation are not the same. Good attitude, accurate operation in place, fuel consumption will be reduced a lot. Traffic on the section of, one can often hear big foot on the accelerator, roar of the engine idling, knew without having to guess, the pilot is in a bad mood. Should this consolation: traffic congestion is not what I can control, but the mood is, now that had been tucked away, you try to make yourself happy, listening to music, or make a phone call to his family, chat.
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Recently, Guangdong Guangzhou sales IV standard gasoline prices again, 90th, 93rd, 97th highest gasoline price was 6.69 Yuan per liter, 7.21 Yuan/liter and 7.81 Yuan per liter, compared with the current country ⅲ standard gasoline, rose 0.15 Yuan, 0.16 and 0.18, respectively. Among them, the 97th, already close to 8 Yuan/liter mark. Note that this is not in response to increases in international oil prices rise, but for the digestion and production of Guangdong IV standard gasoline costs more, and "extra" to raise prices. According to reports, the IV standard gasoline for crude oil production and Guangdong quality, production technology and equipment, which are more demanding.
International oil prices, generally agreed that this year's "high walk" situation is a foregone conclusion. In fact, just the spring, International crude oil prices have "high", the first trading day of the new year crude oil futures hit a two-year high New York Mercantile Futures Exchange, February crude oil futures contract price rose to us $ 91.55 a barrel and ICE Brent crude oil prices rose to $ 94.84 a barrel. China has been linked to international oil prices, oil prices again raised a strong possibility.

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