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Rent a car or buy a car cars need rational consumption

On Changchun automobile Exposition in the crowd, there are a large number of visitors are prepared to purchase the cars, they also dreamed of better days for the selected car "car life". Indeed, owning a private car, to change the traditional way of life has become many people's life, but how many people prepare for the troubles that come with it?
A rise in oil prices affects nerve new car
"The first is oil prices, from early June to early August, 93rd oil up 0.4 Yuan per liter, especially traffic jams in Beijing, car is in a break-in period, but also the air conditioning in the summer, but also a novice, how big is the gas mileage! Each look when refueling amount has been doubled up on the monitor, I get ... ... "in Beijing, Zhao Xuesong reluctantly told journalists working in human resources.
The rise in oil prices has become the most difficult problem for new car owners. In fact, since March 2005, just a few months time oil prices several times. Mr Zhao is the 93rd gasoline, for example, from March 23 through July 23, 93rd oil has undergone changes as follows: 3.66-3.92 Yuan per liter at the beginning (March 23)-3.79 Yuan (May 24)-3.96 Yuan (June 25)-4.26 Yuan (July 23).
And during the Changchun Auto Expo, visitors to many car buyers also told reporters that "the price is too expensive," "can't afford to afford". Now the trouble is, may buy a car can't also be used because not buying oil. Recently, the Pearl River Delta region there were large areas of "oil" phenomenon, Guangdong, Guangxi suffered different degrees of tight oil supply situation, so there have been media reports of "I'll give you 8 bucks (per liter), you sold me some oil on it" and "something".
High oil prices also has a lot of annoying things
In the computer industry of Changchun Lu woman told reporters at the Auto Expo: "shortly before a friend of mine just bought a car Jetta used cars, probably around 50,000, and only opened a week lost, particularly disturbing. "LV women actually wanted to buy the car, which is convenient for parents traveling, but it has a great effect on her. Lu said: "the friends neighborhood very formal, he also paid a fee, community however, but because his car is a used car, is not to buy insurance, will not receive compensation from the insurance company. "
Lu said that was seen on TV spent 80,000 yuan can buy master keys, door can open. Ms Lui, the vehicle may not be the biggest risk, Changchun now driving new a lot, car was scraping is touching more and more, and more terrifying is traffic accidents. There are indications, 2005 1 by April, there were 155453 traffic accidents, 31068 people killed and 158775 injured and direct property losses of 650 million Yuan.
In addition, buying a car a convenient, very often these days, we became inconvenient. Lu said that Changchun was also pretty good, but in particular downtown or the rush, roads are congested. In big cities like Beijing, Shanghai, and traffic seems to have become the norm, many newly developed community to commute, the roads became "International Automobile Exposition", cars filled with dense pavements, 1.1 point moving forward.
Buying a car than car rental: car owners need rational consumption
Lu also told reporters that she has several friends with money and bought two or three sets of 300,000 or so houses, but not to buy a car, in the view of these, buy car used car rather than take a taxi.
With a 100,000 yuan of her family car, for example an account, a car using a life span of 15 years, tolls around 1200 Yuan per year, premium calculated around 4000 Yuan, if you don't count those names complicated cleaning, auto detailing, changing parts, 15 cost of maintaining a car is 78000. Buy a car or used car, is the most important fuel, fuel consumption per hundred kilometers 8 l, 12,000 kilometers a year, calculated according to the 93rd oil now 4.26 yuan per liter, 15 gas reached 61344 Yuan. Taking into account the consumption increased as a result of vehicle depreciation, resulting costs must be significantly more than the calculated results. Even so, all the total cost reached 239344 Yuan.
If you take a taxi, calculated in accordance with high standards of 40 Yuan a day, 15 but 21900 Yuan. In fact, in many cities, including the capital cities such as Changchun, taxi starting price of 5 Yuan.
Higher car fees and taxi fares compare results at a glance. Recently, in order to build a conservation-minded society, relevant ministries of the State says it will expedite the introduction of the fuel tax, the tax is undoubtedly to adjust car consumer, corrected luxury car consumer phenomenon in society. In fact, some new car owners also admitted that, as colleagues and friends around have bought the car, in order to save face, so there's no cattle. Recent reports say Beijing may introduce Euro III emission standards, Euro III standard gasoline cars can only use the 97th above varieties, which means the auto consumer costs but also improved.
Of course, owning a car is very convenient, for example, distraction driving to the suburbs over the weekend. But, in fact, did not own a car or you can implement these ideas, car rental companies are a good choice. Faw is impersonating old engineer said, and told the vehicles some car owners worry the, not in order to combat car, but to call a car family of rational consumption, not blind pursuit of enjoyment rather than actual. China has now become the energy consuming countries, so the Central advocate building a conservation-minded society, and personally, to conduct any sensible automobile consumption is a very good contribution.

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