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Car rental will rent to the trouble?

If you hire non-regular leasing company vehicle, you may experience the following issues and problems: 1. no formal lease contract cannot be protected by law. Economic disputes, avenues of complaint.
2. no strict vehicle maintenance regime. If insurance is not preservation, Paul foot, the lessee only the dumb man eating the Berberine, taking responsibility.
3. If private vehicles, operators and pilots as a whole, because of the great pressure of work and life, vehicles have a greater security risk. And practitioner identity complex, its impermanence. Often self-centered, rarely consider the feelings and requirements of customers, deliberately going into the store, chihuikou, harm the interests of customers. Even if the car rental companies hire a regular car, but if you don't choose carefully, could also be in trouble. If the management system is not standard, it is not perfect, the poor quality of employees, poor services, low level of service. Prone to disputes in the following areas:
A. leasing contracts is not standardized, undisclosed fine, hard to handle disagreement.
B. transfer vehicles, not standard, it is not clear, intentionally concealed vehicle problems, resulting in customers car passive.
C. unknown charges, such as extra, extra mileage charges is not clear. If car cost extra, feel cheated.

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