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Six steps to car rental

With self-driving tour heat wave, many people want to take advantage of the Festival-long road trip. Many people who have a driver's license may choose to rent a car to scenic. No rental car for people who probably don't know much about how rent a car rental process need to be aware of what in hired vehicles used during the need to pay attention to what, there is always how to solve, people who want to rent to those problems may be concerned. Taxi travel in the following six steps for your reference.
First step: understanding the car rent procedures are
Car rental car rental procedures first before knowing something usually has a car rental place local accounts, car rental procedure relatively simple. As long as the provision of identity cards, driver's license, the family of the original accounts, signed the lease contract, pay a deposit of provisions on OK. If is the rental location outside of field accounts, the program will trouble many, in addition to providing original of ID cards, driver's licenses, and also provide mortgage at not less than the value of the car hire economy, needs to be Shanghai residents even as security guarantor's ID card, driver's license and the family of the original accounts should also be provided. If you are Hong Kong and Macao compatriots and foreigners, will provide return card or passport, alien resident certificate and original Chinese driver's license, and also needs to be Shanghai residents as collateral security.
Step two: choose the car rental companies and for travel of vehicle
Car rental knowledge is selected. First, you should understand the rental company for the car models, car, to determine whether it for their own needs. Second, consulting the company's leasing, rental and the documents required, deposit and so on.
Select the car rental company:
Due to the large leasing companies complete the procedures, type and quantity models and have high credibility, the company best choice for car rental companies. Small car rental company is not only a choice of small, cost less than large companies save. Smaller companies in the subleasing company car at the same time, tend to pay some fees, so car rental sometimes small companies than large companies more expensive.
In addition, the leasing company which has taken over more than two years of the contract, generally require customers to specializes in buying a new car, small companies can do this no more.
Car: most people have a basic requirement, fuel efficient, rugged, high by most popular.
Drivers all know, heavier the car more gas, so that alloy wheels car fuel and suitable for high speeds and stability good, capable of absorbing vibration and noise in the campaign. Fuel-efficient cars are equipped with radial tires and high wear resistance. Automatic transmission cars easy, automatic transmission equipped with an automatic control device, driving gears can be adjusted automatically according to the speed, eliminating the need for shifting and riding clutch thing, but because the power transmission automatic transmission is achieved by hydraulic, gas, especially at low speeds or is the stop-and-go traffic, increases fuel consumption.
The third step: signing
Choose a car, the next step is to sign a complete rental contract, just in case, there are some considerations when signing up be sure to remember: first of all to understand the limits of vehicle-kilometres and overrun after the charging standard, mid-range car mileage should be within 120 kilometers, of course, there are also individual companies is not limited.
Car to prevent something timely, but also seriously understand renewal requirements and accounting standards of the lease timeout to avoid with leasing company after objections.
Commitment to carefully understand the rental company in order to fully enjoy their entitled benefits. Also found unreasonable, and leasing companies negotiation and in a timely manner.
Note: some car rental companies is provided for car mileage and, especially in tourist areas, you want to read.
Fourth step: testing
Signing the last step is to fill out inspection form, this is a process of mutual finds the condition, is essential. &Nbsp;  travel is a happy, if the car is on the way out of the problem, annoying not to say, didn't even own security guarantees. In August this year, one in Shenyang Han because the car did not carefully check result family of 7 and nearly killed her daughter River, and car rental companies dispute. Because most of the car rental companies is not a new car, and driving through different people, is prone to malfunction in itself, so the car must be carefully examined, and the best professionals for help.
Vehicle inspection? Pay attention to no less, nor careless.
I think that safety is the most important. Direct impact on road safety of braking, steering, lighting, review it carefully. Vehicle it must have when ordering.
First check visually. See body there is no scratches, headlights are complete, locks are normal. Fill up carefully to prevent unnecessary disputes.
Then open the hood, view the fuel, coolant, lubricants, brake fluid, battery and drive systems and other major components.
After there were no exception, you can enter the cab, check the health of your gas gauge, brakes, air conditioning.
Finally, to remind everyone to be sure to test drive. First to be adjusted to suit your driving position, I will sit comfortable. Familiarity with the test drive and check the clutch, throttle, brake and the working conditions of the engine, but also as soon as possible in order to become familiar with each instrument and operation of functions and locations, in case of operation chaos caused by Lane and fumbled when groping.
The sixth step: return
Car locations are generally Office of the car rental companies or hotels, the company opened a remote service, in front of the car can be queried first.
As the months August last year, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Shanghai Anji car rental company with sign "offsite" cooperation agreement, Shanghai, Jiangsu and Zhejiang three-car rental market "closed" situation was a breakthrough. Rent a car to go to Hangzhou from Shanghai, Nanjing, the tenant can be based on individual needs, the car in the local, and Jiangsu, Zhejiang lease vehicles to Shanghai, also enjoy the same convenience. In April, the Shanghai, Jiangsu and Zhejiang economic cooperation seminar held, determine a tri-unity car rental market, as a hand to promote regional cooperation in tourism.
Note:   If the car failed on the way, the leasing company will generally give the lessee in time to change, some compensation for the delay time, namely lease time postponed by delays in time, also if there is a car rental company is not clearly defined, that the lessee's best time in order to seek more active.
Need to be reminded that, like accident should prompt alarm and contact the leasing company, contact by the leasing companies and insurance companies, and insurance companies send Auditors to assess the damage caused by the accident.
Now, car rental industry norm generally is that original car repairs and medical expenses by the lessee (lessee) paid, after the insurance compensation in place, such as compensation for loss, then the lessee need not pay, or parts of other than damages borne by the lessee. Meanwhile, the lessee has to pay compensation to the car caused by delays in the repair fee.

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