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Eight years Avis international car rental break through the clouds

Impact on the mainland market, we must expand the mainland market on a scale unprecedented Grand Coalition! We are guided by the service and the pursuit of efficiency and reasonable rates VISA business will not necessarily get cheap!
The constant pursuit of quality of life along with people since reform and opening up, continuously upgrade the standards of domestic car rental industry has undergone an unprecedented rapid development gradually been accepted by Chinese consumers. But the rapid development has exposed lingering taxi industry "cloud": car rental price of obsolete concepts, opaque, the insurance system is not perfect, the car rental company services lack of soft power of ... ... The development of the entire car rental industry are undoubtedly the biggest obstacle. How to break through the heavy clouds, is placed in front of each car rental company of the problem.
Avis international car rental, after eight years of research and development in China, stores throughout China by 28 cities, with a professional staff of more than 5,000 vehicles cars and more than a thousand people. In addition, Avis international car rental also constantly innovation out adapted China consumers needs of products, put control car rental service quality, upgrade quality strength, to its in car rental industry of leader status, and transparent of "a driving full package" of price and the international of service standard, breakthrough has car rental industry of heavy cloud, developed more save time, and more smart of travel solution programme, makes car rental became a new of lifestyle and fun enjoy, for domestic car rental service set has new benchmark.
Service event, breaking the "concept" cloud
In recent years, national events and constantly. 08 Beijing Olympics, 10 of the Shanghai World Expo and Guangzhou Asian Games and Asian para games will, to show the world China's new image of the country, as well as growing comprehensive national strength. Take this opportunity to Avis international car rental-profile show itself for events, event services and comprehensive strength.
08 Beijing Olympics mortgage servicers, Avis international car rental not only successfully completed for service, and also to a high standard of service for community recognition has been used car customers alike. In February 2010, the Avis international car rental becomes Shanghai World Expo 2010 EU and Belgium Pavilion at the specified car supplier, also Switzerland Pavilion provided over 25 new eco-friendly Smart. In order to meet the needs of consumers, build convoy the Expo dedicated nearly hundreds of models, providing unlimited convenience for visitors.
Has gone through three major test matches, Avis international car rental through "ideas" cloud, managed to carve out a new area of service, and shows the hardware and software aspects of standard-level services capabilities, laid the leader of domestic car rental industry.
All inclusive one, breaking the "price" a cloud
The price of the car rental industry confusing and opaque phenomenon is the biggest bottleneck restricting the development of the industry as a whole. Especially all kinds of insurance and service costs, people can not help but think that rental cars behind the "trick".
In response to this phenomenon, Avis international car rental is introduced "one all inclusive" price system. Avis international car rental price includes car basic insurance (CDW, compulsory insurance and insurance of the three), only "0" fees and "0" service charges. Such transparent prices broke through the covers in any real sense in the rental car industry head heavy "price" a cloud.
As 2011 begins, in order to give you the convenience of travel, Avis international car rental introduced "grateful customer feedback" activities: in January across the model minimum 46 percent, some models during the Spring Festival after the 85 percent more Tag Heuer 300 yuan rent a car coupons!
Details of the winning, breaking the "service" cloud
In order to meet the rental demand of Chinese consumers, promote the efficient, convenient, fast, emerging green car rental lifestyle, Avis international car rental is the soft power of self service upgrade. Designed and launched a pilot "daily work" and "Star pilot" systems, such as specialized driver's safe driving training, defensive driving training, etiquette training.
In addition, consumers enjoy rental process more enjoyable is the Avis international car rental has been working toward. Avis international car rental initiative "two card a card" lease, deposit, guarantee, simply provide identity cards, driver's license and credit card authorization can easily rent a car.
Avis international car rental, customers get more than just a car, is the intentions of the team as a whole. By Avis international car rental hotline is scheduled after the success of consumer pickup within 24 hour, Avis international car rental also offers door-to-door delivery service, truly full seamless service. Avis international car rental vehicles are within 5 years of a new car, during the process of delivery, to ensure the cleanliness of the vehicle, vehicle safety and fuel tank filled with oil. Staff also will remind customers to detect important features of rental cars and vehicles are familiar with and practice to secure clients in the process of in-use vehicles without looking back.

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