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Car rental "money scene" look

at present, China's car rental market for lease close to 100,000 cars, a turnover of 10 billion yuan, an annual growth rate of around 20%-30%. It is predicted that the next 5-10 years, domestic demand for vehicle rentals will reach 300,000-400,000 units, revenues will reach 40 billion yuan. Market "money scene", the domestic automobile manufacturers, looking forward to a new round of "Gold Digger" the gains.
Car rental in consumption, customers don't need to pay a hundred thousand of or even hundreds of thousands of Yuan billions, they can use their own vehicles. And saved the car, motor vehicle, buying insurance, paying taxes and troubles, even in the face of vehicle maintenance and breakdown rescue, can be fully handled by the car rental company. From market status view, foreign-funded enterprises and SMEs became car rental market of main customer group, business uses is these enterprise car rental of drive force, temporary rental some high-end car should business activities, makes they guarantee has "cash flow", improve has funds utilization; personal car rental is car rental market of another a support important power, tourism and wedding industry of continued warming led has car rental industry of development, national near 50 million of "has this no car" crowd also created has not underestimated of personal car rental needs.
Throughout the domestic car rental market in recent years, manufacturers such as Faw Toyota, Shanghai Volkswagen, Faw-Volkswagen's performance is particularly prominent. Early in 2005, Shanghai yongda car rental companies a one-time order for 550 domestic Crown, Toyota pulled the Toyota's new Crown mass prelude to entering the leasing market in China. Crown is a high-end business model of the Toyota family, when entering the car rental market in China for the first time, undoubtedly enrich the leasing model, improved grades, also for enterprise customers with affordable, convenient business car programme to inject fresh vitality into China's car rental industry. Development to the present day, for the car rental market, Faw Toyota exhaust including the Crown, Corolla, Corolla EX, new Vios rental car, four-car line-up, respectively, high-end business, mid-tier business, high end, midrange four rental market segments, provides users with a wide range of leasing options.
As is well known, on a global scale, Toyota has always been reliable, economical and durable, high rate of used-car value is known. And this just is a car rental company most value of products advantage, Faw Toyota oriented rental market of Crown, and corolla, and Corolla EX, and new Granville Chi four paragraph models, also has styling smooth atmosphere, and than similar models save fuel, and security comfortable, advantages, these advantages just is car rental user in select models Shi to focuses on considerations of points; and many car rental user priority select Toyota car, in turn and contributed to has car rental company of procurement intention. These interests of the rental market factors, along with Toyota's brand value is now leasing Toyota brand models in the market share of the fast-growing and important reason.
Domestic car rental industry is thriving, said auto marketing, car leasing as a form of advanced and practical financial services, is an important way to sell automobile manufacturers, China's car rental industry will also become the domestic automobile manufacturers to expand market share an important part of, thereby promoting the development of the automobile and related industries for the automotive manufacturing industry to create new points of economic growth.


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