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Oil prices raise the car rental business to heat up

Private car license plates after prices climbed peaks of more than 3 years, 7th, the domestic refined oil prices again raised, 97th, gasoline prices more than 8 Yuan/liter for the first time. Overlay under the influence, just pick up the auto market also deadlocked, signs car rental market is on the rise.
"We have significantly increased the amount of rental cars in recent days, many consumers gave up buying a car for the time being, during the Spring Festival holiday and the Spring Festival holiday select trip. "Shenzhen rent a car official said.
The industry is expected, with the car purchase in large cities, and in some big cities such as Beijing, as a rule blocking increases in parking fees, car rental industry will usher in "Spring".
It is reported that the car rent procedures are simple, low cost, just ID cards, driver's license and credit card to rent a car.
Predicted by 2014 car rental industry market will reach 38 billion yuan, car rental is expected to reach 400,000 units annually this market growth will be 20%.

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