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Car rental industry management in Kunming new purposes

Road transport management quality appraisal system imposed on operators car rental Kunming, established operators file integrity, blacklist system against dishonest operators, in addition to involving State secrets, business secrets and personal privacy information, will be legally open to the public. Kunming city, Kunming Municipal Government Executive Council January 19 through the car rental regulations will come into force on April 1, 1997, Kunming, Kunming City Government promulgated and implemented the provisional measures on the administration of the car rental industry repealed simultaneously.
In future, Kunming will encourage operators to implement large-scale, intensive, company management. The regulations, the operator shall conduct appropriate insurance coverage for rental vehicles, and rental vehicle technical condition, an annual technical grading, a secondary every 120 days and qualified. Operators and lessees do not use rental vehicles in operating passenger and freight transport, or touting in disguise, operator shall not provide driving service to the lessee at the time of rental.
Penalties, operators are in accordance with the methods of filing, without obtaining the certificate of business registration certificate or a rental car from road transport authority a rectification, it fails, fined 1000 Yuan and 3000 Yuan fines; has illegally obtained, confiscation of illicit proceeds. Operator is not in the business place obvious to appear public rental procedures for processes, user agreements and rental fees, or rental vehicle, is not checked and registered lessee of the motor vehicle driver's license, identity card and other documents, will be ordered to rectify, it fails, fined 500 Yuan more than 1000 Yuan fine. Operator is not in accordance with the provisions of the rental vehicle technical grading, second level maintenance and inspection, rectification by road transportation management agencies, and fined a maximum of between 5000 and 1000 per Yuan. In violation of the relevant provisions of the measures, the operators three times over more than a year according to the road transport authority requirements within a time limit of, over major accidents or in business, by the road transport authorities promptly acknowledge the business sector, be ordered by the business sector in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations within the processing business changes or cancellation of registration, fails to go through, and revoke its business license.
Road transport authority staff appeared in accordance with this regulation the conditions, procedures and time limit for filing, ask for and accept other people's property, or seeking other benefits violations of, Kunming will be disciplined according to law constitutes a crime shall be investigated for criminal liability.

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