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Used car dealer leasing business

In recent months, light, used cars, and being trapped in Fund car rental, used car dealer play ideas. Can't sell cars for a short time, rented to someone else, can make the rent on the one hand, on the other hand you can wait for the market to pick up and then sell for a good price.
"This has happened before, just because a greater risk, not many people have done. Recent automobile market was light, with many used car dealer can not carry financial pressure, joined the Club. "Yuantong 競 Choi said the used car business manager, now the business of leasing of used car dealer non-civil. Wen/Zhang
Can't sell a car lease
An individual car dealer in Motor City, Hangzhou has just concluded a deal two days ago, he 2.4L on a 2007 accord with 4500 Yuan/month rent price to a customer, period of three months. He gives us an account: this car is now sold about 150,000, three months after the devaluation of the prices slightly, but also sold 145,000 yuan, and the rental income of 13,500 Yuan. That is, minus the depreciation of the car price 5000 Yuan, through rental income or extra profit of 8500 Yuan.
"Business is not good, a car in his hands for two or three months to sell normal, idle, might as well rent out point rental deal. "The used car dealer said.
Tenant is satisfied for the deal. "I went to the car rental companies ask, like this one, though, rent to more than 7,000 yuan a month. "
Leasing risk
This looks happy deal, it really is a lot of risk. Due to car rental, used car dealer is often no qualification, so the car rental process in the event of a dispute, drivers is difficult to get legal protection.
Yuan Tong used cars General Manager Han Guangyu told Kanechika, in the event of traffic accidents, Division of responsibilities, how to pay, if not clearly written in the rental contract in advance, is likely passing situations, especially when the amount of the loss is large, the consultations it is also more difficult. Car rental law for this kind of unlawful acts it is difficult to provide effective protection.
Used car dealer, also faces unexpected risk. "This business is basically individual dealers, big companies are afraid to do, in case of an accident can be risky. "Yuan Tong CAI 競 said used car sales manager, formal rental installed on each car GPS, car where the companies are available at any time. Used car dealer temporary rental cars don't have such conditions, in case of customers it could sell the car, you want to come back is cumbersome.
Makes more sense to rent than to buy the reader car rental
Need car for a short time, some savvy consumers expect to buy instead of rent was way--to buy a used car for a few months, then sell, loss was cheaper than the price difference compared with car rental. "It is used car low season, doing a better deal, buying when prices in the Valley, automobile market to pick up a few months, not much price depreciation. "CAI 競 said.
Bucar second-hand car companies sold a few days ago a 1.8L manual-Fox, 2006 car, sold 76,500. "The customer to inquire about when to buy a car, and three months later the car would sell at any price, saying it was bought temporarily used by. "Fan Zhizhong Sales Manager to help him assess the bid, three months later, they are willing to 69,000 yuan price of, the other side was pleased to drive away. "Like this, if the rental company car rental, about the price of the car, three months ' rent to nearly 15,000, and he bought a car and then sold, lost only seven thousand or eight thousand Yuan, has apparently been more economically. "
"Business is good when a few years earlier, we won't see these ' small business '. "The used car market, one dealer said, now if there are buyers, buying a car a couple of months before they are sold back, as long as they can make two thousand or three thousand Yuan, the business deal.
Choice in the used-car market, cars, business cars, new cars, old cars, everything, even if it is not a popular sport utility vehicle, RV, can be found in the used-car market, it is also attracting a lot of car rental.

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