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Guangzhou car rental car sources generally nervous rental companies additional vehicles

November 1, Guangzhou will officially implement single and double restriction throughout the day, when every day there are about 745,000 cars stopped, many companies and individuals will not be able to keep a car, but a boom in the car rental market in Guangzhou.
At present, many enterprise rent a car business has been a doubling of the growth, the highest or even the 50% growth. In addition, due to the limited demand for business and personal car during different car rental market is also currently the company transporting heat, personal transport cold state. Sources seem stressful situations in the car, and car rental prices are not rising. From reporter to see, if you want to rent a car used during the Asian Games, it is not very difficult, but advance booking is recommended.
Business travelers are most car rental companies have additional vehicles
Xinhua learned from Guangzhou, the major car rental companies, restrictions during, your business will need to use the car, the current state of the rental market is uneven, car rental business to business units, and personal needs at present is relatively small.
Which, to enterprise customer mainly of transnational car rental company AVIS most typical, according to the company of Li Mr introduced: "we now has no car can rent, company September on in original 500 car rental car of based Shang, additional has 200 car, but not to one months time on and all rent out, and are is to months rent mainly, cover has whole Asia shipped limited line stage. "He said:" we are currently an additional 50-100 vehicles to meet customers not already due to vehicles. "It is reported that additional models for their clients demand the largest Buick GL8 and the Passat, and will be in place before restrictions at the Asian Games.
In addition, this year launched the "rental" service Nissan Canton Crown 4S shops are also only a few cars to rent the store official, song told reporters: "now the rest of the few sounds are not renting out, but are all odd-numbered license plates to address customer demand for double. "Mr song said Crown 4S shop is planned according to customer needs, additional odd vehicle license plate at any time, customers need only three days in advance booking.
EHI company's public relations officer, Miss Wang, told reporters: "from the current data show that reservations as usual, 20-35 fashion white collar-oriented clientele, car rental time is generally 2-3 day. "She is expected, during the Asian Games are going to be there with" 11 "long vacation in a similar situation. It is reported that the company in the past "11" business was very popular during the long holiday, vehicles were booked in Guangzhou.
Miss Wang said hi at present about 500 vehicles in Guangzhou, and continues to increase the number of vehicles. She said: "taking into account the restrictions during the Asian Games, I part company from a city near Guangzhou, the deployment of the vehicles, to ensure that rental requirements for the period of the Asian Games. "Supreme car rental charge Mr Tang also told reporters:" from the recent autumn fair to the Asian Games, we are not afraid to rent it out, and as long as there is demand, can be dispatched from Foshan, Dongguan and other places. "
Reporters then rent a car who call China auto rental, EHI, extreme car Rams large car rental companies, said on November 7, rent an intermediate car (corolla, excelle, etc), the time for about four days. After the customer service of the company after a short query, journalists were told the vehicle can be rented. Thus, now want to rent a car in use during the Asian Games, it's not a very difficult thing.
Rising prices not seen rent four days pay two days
Industry opportunities due to restrictions in the Asian Games, Guangzhou car rental business will become increasingly prosperous, AVIS international car rental company, Li told a press conference: "tried twice before, the limit line, second car hire when demand began to emerge. "
Reporters learned from the many car rental companies, rising rental prices during the Asian Games has no vehicle day focused between 200 Yuan to 800 Yuan. China auto rental, EHI and other company staff were told reporters that has not yet received notification of price increases, are based on online prices, flexible change depending on time. Reporters from eHI's public relations department once again confirmed that the company's rental price will remain at normal levels, did not rise.
In addition, advocating price stability policy also said AVIS international car rental company, is planning additional 50-100 vehicles will remain as in the past, price, Buick GL8 daily 688 Yuan (including insurance), rental pasateri 588 Yuan (including insurance). Nissan Gold Crown stores song also repeatedly stressed to reporters, they will continue to do business strictly execute Nissan car rental prices, without any charges.
Meanwhile, reporters learned that because of the particularity of odd-row, all the major car rental companies rent during this period will be more humane means. To rent a double car 4 days, for example, this means that there will be two days cannot be used, most rental car companies will charge actual only able to use the 2 day rental of 4 days of basic insurance costs. In addition, Dongfeng Nissan Crown 4S shop for "rental cars" rolled out "If you can buy three, you can get one free" offer, although different, in fact, in other words is, the rents collected by the same can actually use the number of days.

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