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Car rental reservation as early as possible in the Asian Games individual companies "picked off"

Less than a month from opening of the Guangzhou Asian Games, Asian Games brought huge traffic plus odd-row, tourists may travel to plan in advance.
"Foreign tourists during the Asian Games, to rent a car, would now have to book in advance, or there may not be." Recently head of a chain of car rental companies in Guangzhou, told reporters, engaged the business opportunities in the Asian Games, the company has added more than more than 200 short term rental vehicles, but all Asian Games schedule has been fully booked, 50~100 short term rental vehicles had to organize transportation emergencies.

According to reports, to two years, including EHI, China auto rental, auto rental chain enterprises obtained large sums of venture capital; while for entire plant of Dongfeng Nissan entered the rental market.
Asian Games Guangzhou became the "new rich" attack on one of the main, in fact most people might have been found this year in subways, elevators and even newspaper inserts, car rental company started to frequent such brand advertising; and almost every leasing company is "riveting" enough opportunities to buy new cars to increase the capacity for the Asian Games.
Avis international car rental-related charge, the company had a total capacity of 500 vehicles in Guangzhou, has been added to the Asian Games 200 short term rental new cars, because they have all been booked, now also in organizing transportation of tension 50~100 short rent had increased compared with the previous 50% of capacity.
He said that because of the big increase in new capacity, 11 Guangzhou car rental great soothing tension during the long holiday, before the company half a month before the holiday was booked, even if there is to be followed by 15 days without a car, but this year it booked only four or five days in advance.
Individual large brand companies "picked off"
Yesterday afternoon newspaper reporter disguised as into customer, has call a large brand chain rental company train East station branch, a male staff must to asked clear "you even rent days", reporter said 1 car car 2 days, staff on said currently temporarily no vehicles, recommends left contact way; and shortly thereafter reporter let another one colleagues call claimed to rent 3 car car 7 days Shi, staff is said has car has, immediately can Xia single.
Some car rental companies also took the opportunity to dark rises, a strong request "buy one, get one". There are a number of car rental companies require at least even the rent for 2 days.
Practical information: rent a car 3 notes
Deputy General Manager Peng Avis international car rental has been in the industry for many years, he reminded in an interview overseas visitors and the general public in a rental car to pay attention to the following matters:
1. Select a qualified company
Car is directly related to the quality of life. He said, take the car out for years, current industry peer standards is 5 years, but there is some small operators to use scrap vehicles to meet operational 8 years standards eliminated, car quality and reliability, a far cry from the.
2. the prices are not as low as possible
Currently available car rental prices vary greatly, some even running at half the flag. Mr Peng said in fact about this car rental is low-profit industry, so the price is not as low as possible, he suggested that consumers should pay attention to the condition testing and additional fees, the insurance comparison.
3. acceptance of the transfer of vehicles
Car rental "upstart", vehicle links to be extra cautious, especially to some irregular management of the rental car company. First visually inspect the vehicle, such as a body has no scratches, headlights are complete, locks are normal. Then open the hood, check coolant, oil, battery status, after there were no exception, you can enter the cab, check the health of your gas gauge, brakes, air conditioning, and test drives, judging the basic condition of the vehicle. For some of the special features and usage models, should be clear to the car rental company, in order to facilitate more convenient use.

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