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City car rental market heating up

Called "history's longest holiday" golden week is getting away, holidays, our reporter in the car market but there is a new discovery: holiday travel has become the preferred city to relax, this holiday also ushered in the car rental market car rental gold season. Whether EHI, extreme car rental, China auto rental, leasing company, or as Nissan to store service such a brand service network for support and easy car rental business is hot, car rental rate is usually several times.
It is understood that most rental cars are self-drive tour practice driving, home, weddings, and so on, each year "11" peak of holiday rental-car, but car rental business comes earlier this year and was better than in previous years. Reporters visited several car rental companies at random and interviewed some rental crowd. Working in a foreign company is driving the pony's "Alice". "Such a long holiday is really rare, but 11 autumn travel season, but private cars not only renting. "" 11 holiday this year, my parents will come to Beijing, want to rent a car with parents to tourist attractions around. "Select a subway or bus to work, usually small, began to consult car rental one week in advance.
Car hire demand rising source tight rental market. Reporters visited several car rental companies at random results to prove this point. "From the beginning of September, we began to receive 11 car rental reservation services, most of the 11 years ago booked, especially urban SUV such as the Qashqai, Ki chun, also have a new family of Wei Jin Yi of seven cars to family outings can be used as a wedding car, in great demand. "Easy car rental staff told reporters.
Car rental market matures
Along with the concept of green people, more and more people are taking public transport to work, and with continuous upgrade of car rental companies and car rental prices decrease, travel more and more people select, Beijing car rental market demand increasing, car rental market is more and more mature.
Recent data show that before the Mid-Autumn Festival on a Friday evening rush hour, downtown congestion peaks of more than 140, refresh reduction measures since the record traffic jams prompt consumer travel habits gradually change. Along with it, more people are choosing the "subway + car rental", "bus + car rental" low carbon travel mode. Industry analysts believe that: rent a car is becoming a fashionable way to travel. Car rental market turmoil in the past, leading to skeptical consumers car rental, car rental brand is becoming more and more comprehensive, in terms of both the scale and quality of the product is more reliable, the car rent procedures are also more convenient, the price is more reasonable.
Brand lease respected
Over the years, Nissan is walking in the forefront of the automotive industry and service industry, the "rental" boot is another innovation of its brand, network and service capabilities based on an existing franchise stores services car rental services. As of August 2010, the Nissan rent a car brand has 13 business outlets, located in Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Dongguan, Wuhan, Xian, Chengdu, deyang, in eight cities. Currently, the car is very convenient on the market, as long as the issue ID cards, driver's license and I am enough credit card can, and get the new car is in very good condition. In costs aspects, to a car seven seat new Le Granville effort Plaza version for cases, "11" during both can as "2+2+1" mode of family since driving tour, and can as married with car, is hot, 1-7 days of market for 390 Yuan/days, if 30 days above price only for 254 Yuan/days, holding easy car rental membership also has 98 percent of offers.
Nissan used car replacement, auto finance and insurance business has been in the forefront, becoming the company's earnings growth. With the strength of Nissan car manufacturers in the automotive leasing market of deep plowing, car rental market will be more standardized, flourish, consumers will also be easy to enjoy a variety of car rental services.

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