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Campus car coincided with the school planning

Chen Qian, and Cai Chun bacteria did not expect, two painstaking planning project, actually coincided with the school of planning tasks. When business planning book when placed in front of school leaders, school is pleased to make this a public service provided by the school, to the two students to do.
Fall semester this year, located in the campus of Chengdu's Southwestern University of finance, unified style of 100 brand new bike debut, for students to rent. Many students do not know, the norms of public bicycle leasing service, two college students ' entrepreneurship program.
From the complete business plan book to the project was officially launched, over a period of more than six months, met a lot of twists and turns, but two entrepreneurs gain is not small, to realize some entrepreneurship on campus road.
Bike rentals popular
Southwestern University of finance and Liulin campus in wenjiang district of Chengdu city, covers an area of 1500 acres. In a huge campus, from dorm to classroom building, from the school building to the dining room, from the dining hall to the hostel ... ... Walk takes many, many students prepared a bike ride instead. However, the vehicle is a great worry about students.
At the school more than a year, and sophomore wanglichenglong of human resources management has lost 3 bikes, lost a total of 810 Yuan, which made him very depressed. On September 16, the wanglichenglong saw a car in the East Gate of the school, attended classmates told him that only need to deposit and rent the intersection, you can hire. School dormitories, and other places are located at the school gate, at any point by car, you can return the car at any one point. Wanglichenglong had a two-year card, rent of 150 Yuan, the deposit of 200 Yuan, he can borrow bicycles an unlimited number of times within two years, "it's much cheaper than buying a car."
Turns out, the car rental business is most welcome, meet students, especially freshmen requirements. 150 rental card out in less than 4 days, including more than 130 new card. Owing to the long lease, rent is cheaper, less the deposit, business administration freshman Rowling and the same quarters of 3 girls, with two 4-year card, rent paid 400 Yuan, 100 Yuan deposit.
Face the challenges of school management
Rowling did not know, office rental business was his professional senior, Cai Chun and Chen Qian, a junior business management major bacteria.
Last November, Chen Qian play back students from dujiangyan, said there are public bicycle leasing service, very convenient, and attracted the interest of Chen Qian Cai Chun and bacteria. Two Internet search found that this type of public service markets. "What business does at school? "Two people moving business brains.
In the planning process, they discovered that if you choose to use automatic unattended hardware system of dujiangyan, cost is very high. They invited representatives from the Shanghai company in Chengdu to school surveys, calculates that a locking system, inputs of each bike costs about 10,000 yuan. 100 bikes will invest 1 million Yuan, "such high investment is not suitable for entrepreneurship on campus."
No, automatic, semi-automatic. They decided to adopt a system of charge time, billing, artificial unattended solution.
Through careful planning, has released a detailed business plan book. Due to business location within the school, must be approved by school, so they start from school at the end of last year, ran a logistics group, Security Department, College of business administration, the Department of Student Affairs and other departments. In the Security Office, they met the challenge. At that time, the school is also considering to start campus public bicycle service, Defence Department plans to bicycle repair, all unclaimed after painting, free on campus for students to borrow. Security Department hope that they modify the start programme, and then implemented.
However, Chen Qian Cai Chun and bacteria do not agree with this proposal. "Unclaimed bicycles in mostly good condition, on campus free rental cannot avoid losing problem. And more importantly, to us, do so without profit. "
The two sides deadlocked, seeing the final exam is coming to an end, winter is on the horizon, two people extremely worried.
In desperation, the two decided to look for school leaders. In January of this year, the two men found Yang Jirui, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee is in charge of student work, it took about 10 minutes to introduce their own entrepreneurial projects, and leaves a business plan book.
After the winter holiday, on March 4, Chen Qian received a call from school teachers said the program can do.
To save money try
Two people later learned, this phone is call Yang inspired School of.
On September 21, the Southwestern University of finance and Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee Yang Jirui told China Youth daily reporter, public bicycle leasing service is what the schools want to do a piece of work, this project is consistent with the plans for the school. "The projects have two points worthy of recognition, one is to promote low carbon, the concept of saving, reducing the travel costs of students, and the other is conducive to the orderly and safe management of campus bike specifications,. "
Chen Qian and feel demand is the entrepreneurial King of Cai Chun bacteria, they conclude: entrepreneurship on campus, in addition to meet the needs of the students, if you can meet the school's needs, can be supported by schools, it will have a multiplier effect. After a semester of repeated communication project has finally been approved by the relevant departments. Two also apply to 45,000 yuan interest-free business support fund.
This summer, they began to purchase bikes and supporting systems, and recruited a team of 10 people size, responsible for the management of rental services. In order to reduce costs, they consulted a computer science teacher, bought a set of selling meals in the canteen card system, ask a computer professional students to write programs, converted a bicycle rental system. Count down, the system took more than 2000 Yuan, compared with automatic locking system, greatly reducing the cost. They came to Chengdu purchasing 100 bikes, cost 33,000 yuan. Also in order to save costs, they assemble their bicycles, and save cost.
In fact, schools venture fund to meet the initial input. Now, beginning the first card revenue, has helped them to recover the cost and profit of more than 10,000 yuan.
School support is very important
However, this is not their ultimate goal.
"Preliminary estimates, the school demands for our bike is around 1000. "Chen Qian said, a project only two points in the campus, next to the building, canteens and other crowded, an additional service points, increase the traffic, to connected to the campus network system, so that students have a meal card will be able to borrow the car, the car, the future will be more convenient and more secure.
Southwestern University of finance and Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee Yang Jirui says school has always attached importance to students ' pioneering work, cultivate students ' sense of autonomy, independence, self-reliance and focus on training students ' sense of cost, as well as a special venture capital fund to support student entrepreneurship, "However, not all entrepreneurial projects can be supported by the school. We are mainly from the following considerations: is suitable for college students to do the project, and the other is beneficial to college students, and third, has an impact on campus, four students had no financial strength. "
Chen Qian and Cai Chun bacteria public bicycle rental services, Yang Jirui thinks this is a school-supported projects: one is a simple project management, students can handle, is the second project will help the students learn, life, three are conducive to the campus management, four small amount of project funding.

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