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Beijing car rental price cut

Forty or fifty Yuan rent a car? Now the price to select models in the city car market with dozens of feet. But two months ago, rent a car in Beijing, price less than hundred Yuan is highly unlikely. In just two months, what happened to city car rental market?
Last month, Lenovo announced a 1.2 billion yuan, in cash and in the form of a debt-for-equity into the largest car rental company in Beijing China auto rental. Like suddenly into a big fish in the pond, of the competitive situation of domestic car rental industry is improved.
According to China auto rental (China) limited Senior Vice President Yao Junhong introduction, currently the capital markets there are thousands of car rental companies, operating more than 50 units of less than 10%. Most car rental companies used car brokers and the company's background, they gathered up the used car, sold in the warehouse waiting for time to lease, to reduce the vacancy rates used cars.
Due to the generally small size car rental companies, operations and management costs is difficult to dilute, car rental prices could not be set too low.
Car rental industry in the capital, when several of the most powerful auto leasing companies. Capital auto rental has been a hotel, Conference and other high-end car rental market.
China auto rental power second only to the capital auto lease, after phase by legend, China auto rental operations in the short term the number of cars soared dozens of times. Operation scale effect of traffic growth makes China auto rental price confidence.
China auto rental "KS" price, car rental, many small and medium enterprises in Beijing are cold. Capital, Deputy Secretary General of the China Automobile Dealers Association, with respect, the balance of the car rental industry has been broken, shuffle is inevitable.
"Now we have to buy more than 1000 vehicles every month, by the end of this year, we can more than 10,000 vehicles across the country. "Yao Junhong disclosed that in the next 5 years, China auto rental companies vehicles will reach 100,000 units.
Experts in the industry, car rental market, intensive mode was not accidental. Car rental industry is facing great development opportunities. According to the survey, some owners would choose to limit line on the day rent a car trip. In addition, the increased demand for weekend getaways, family visits and so on, big cakes for the car rental industry provided a congenital condition.

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