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Car rental could turn industry "big wheel"?

"In recent years, substantial increase in car rental companies, car rental market demand continues to improve, but there is also the problem in the industry, most of the companies are small, lack of working capital, service quality is difficult to break into a price war of vicious competition between enterprises, leading to overall competitiveness. "The investment adviser Li Xuerong, a senior researcher at the China said in an interview with the Sankei Shimbun.
In fact, China's car rental industry has been rising as early as 1990, on the occasion of the Beijing Asian Games, many foreign journalists and foreign workers out of work needed to produce a desire for car rental. Then China's car rental companies in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen, the first set.
In 2007, the entire car rental industry into a new growth phase. The car rental industry, not only in terms of policy support, several very powerful car rental companies such as Supreme, Hey, China have set up. Worth noting is that 3 companies have adopted the national strategy and network management model, which makes it quiet and lax car rental market, there is a clear consolidation and upgrade.
After calculation, 2009 China passenger car leasing market size at about 140,000 vehicles and turnover of around 13.8 billion yuan. Starting from 2005, the leasing market has entered a period of rapid growth in China, compound annual growth rate of up to 30%. Is expected in the future 5 years 25% about leasing markets will continue to maintain growth by 2014, the rental market annual turnover will reach 38 billion yuan.
Investment Advisor analysis showed that along with economic development, caused traffic jams in cars, there is gradual reversal in car rental and car market matures, will increasingly strong demand in the car rental industry. By 2015, China's car rental market demand for rental of vehicles to reach about 400,000 vehicles, the industry entered the stage of rapid development is premature, but some in the car rental market is to be expected.
"As China's consumption of the traditional concept of car rental, recognition is not high. Supervision, resulting in the emergence of black car rental. "Li Xuerong pointed out that key development elements of the car rental industry is a good rental market environment. Countries need to develop and improve the car rental industry laws and regulations, and promote the development of car rental investment, tax policies and access to markets and unified management policy for the car rental industry's development provided a good environment for fair competition in the market.

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